Here goes nothing...

I honestly never thought I would be doing one of these "blog" things. Something lit up in me as I was sitting on the toilet (yes, I am guilty of poop n surfing) listening to music and on facebook making a status. Now I wish I could say I was taking a nice mighty poo, but I wasn't I don't even think I pissed either, I just sat there as words spilled outta me. I don't even update my status much either, so wtf. I guess that's how my first post came to be..


I haven’t had a terrible dream in a long time, but last night I wasn’t feeling all that great. I woke up in tears again. Like before, I was crying in my dreams and I usually wake up in tears trying to figure out what just happened.

I can’t remember the beginning all that well, but I was on a bus on my way home. I think I was in a school bus, and I missed my stop. I got off and as I usually can in my dreams I could fly, but in this case I would jump and glide for a bit. I had a huge book bag that was holding me down. I had a little more control than I normally can. I was half way home and in front of a school when the wind picked up. I heard people talking about a tornado warning, but that it was most likely wasn’t gonna happen anytime soon. I thought great I have enough time to reach home. All of a sudden a tornado formed a ways from me and people were running toward the school and I was being pushed in that direction. I dropped my book bag and I went inside. There were a lot of people inside the building. Some how the these tornadoes were able to go inside the buildings and one came in and people started running out I turned around and saw lots of people getting flung into walls. There were blood marks everywhere as the wind moves around me as if in slow motion destroying everything. I turned back around toward the door in real time and I ran out. I looked at the sky and more tornadoes were forming. Unlike real tornadoes these had to touch you or anything in their path for things to be destroyed. I dodged many forming tornadoes, as other people weren’t so lucky. I kept thinking, I had to go home, I have to be with my family. I was a block away from home and I saw a tornado forming over the house. Under my breath I said no.. but inside I was screaming in horror. There was wind everywhere and I went behind a bush. It finally passed over the house and moves else where. I ran to the house. My family was ok, some how. Apparently the tornado luckily didn’t come close to them. This part was weird, my sisters were what seemed were to be coins. My mom was holding them and my dad was pushing her into a corner. My brother was on his computer as usual. I looked outside and it was calm, but I knew it wasn’t over. I told them we needed to go across the street to the neighbors basement. We left, but my brother stayed. There were a lot of people in her home (which ironically usually are, she’s an old lady who lives alone with a lot of other old lady friends) I looked behind me and I saw tornadoes forming. We went inside and started making our way to the basement. I noticed the wind picked up. We went into the basement along with many other people. After a while we went outside, and decided to look for survivors. We must of been like 4 blocks away, when the wind picked up again. We all started running back to the basement. Tornadoes started forming and destroying whatever they could. These tornadoes were like beams of blue light. People were being flung everywhere and blood was everywhere, screams everywhere. I turned around and saw my parents disappear I the crowd and I tried to go back, but the crowd was pushing me away. I ended up being pulled back to the basement with different people. I knew my family was gone. There was no escape from the tornadoes, and I couldn’t stay here. I got up and out of the basement and I ran. Dodging tornadoes and I kept running and they kept coming. I saw Jazmine with her child and Jannette, there were telling me how tornadoes were literally everywhere. Jazmine said she got in the tub with her child and waited for the tornadoes to leave, and Jannette said we should get a sexy car to escape in. So, we did and as we drove down the road we saw tornadoes. It hit the car and we landed away from the road. I got out and some how they disappeared, and I was alone with tornadoes all around me.

I woke up sometime when I saw the tornado forming of the house, and I was crying. I forced myself to sleep and the dream continued. I think I woke up a total of 2 or 3 times. Each time there was a twist to the dream. *sigh*..

I think this dream is a result of stress. There’s a lot going on right now, especially with my family. We’ll see how things go.