Here goes nothing...

I honestly never thought I would be doing one of these "blog" things. Something lit up in me as I was sitting on the toilet (yes, I am guilty of poop n surfing) listening to music and on facebook making a status. Now I wish I could say I was taking a nice mighty poo, but I wasn't I don't even think I pissed either, I just sat there as words spilled outta me. I don't even update my status much either, so wtf. I guess that's how my first post came to be..


Last night, I had another nightmare? It’s funny how once I wake up the dream starts to escape me, but when I’m spacing out parts of my dreams come back to me. I close my eyes and shake my head a bit to make the thought go away.

This dream was very violent, like most of them are. I can’t remember the beginning of my dream, but I sure remember the end. However, I do remember a part in the middle. I was in a park with other people (I rarely remember the other people in my dream and rarely are they people I recognize) and I had a staff that could extend and help me fly (something like the avatar, air bender shit lol) Anyways, someone took it from me and broke it, I was pissed, but turns out I didn’t need it anymore. I could fly by will. I have a lot of flying dreams, but I usually can’t control my direction of flight. So, that’s how I learned how to fly. Jumping forward, I was in some type of shelter and these horrible pirate looking men came in and started taking random people away and shoving them into a court yard (which happened to look a lot like my grandparents place, that happens a lot in my dreams). This man came up to me and said I was a pretty looking thing that he wanted to try out. He stumped as he tried to grab me and a woman next to me told me, whatever happens from here play dead. He grabbed me and tried to touch me, but another man came over and told him to send me to the courtyard. Before I knew it I was shoved into a crowd of people. I saw the men lining up on the other side with guns, it immediately because apparent what was going to happen. I ran to the back near a huge tree and told the women around me they were going to shoot us. We tried hiding behind people, and made a break toward the tree once they started shooting. I saw people being gunned down all around me, but I managed to get behind the tree in time. The men with the guns started to surround us gunning down any survivors. A man who was near me got shot in the head and fell on top of me. I played dead, trying to hold my breath as much as I could. I could hear the men around me and I caught a glimpse of people being shot. Oh of the men spotted me and aimed towards me, but he was shot before he could shoot me. Pretty soon, everyone was dead, and those who weren’t were shot. An order was given to take the bodies to a pit to be burned. I tried my best to not move, and a man came up to us with a machete. I felt him slash at the dead man on top of me. Next thing I know he slashes at my hands and legs. He drags the dead man off me to the pit. It was the same man from before who tried to abuse me. He flipped me over and starts to crave things into my body. I can’t feel anything. He moves toward my eye, but a man calls over to him and starts putting my arm, but I flinch and he makes a move to grab his machete. I get up and grab the closest thing near me, a wrench, and I throw it at him. I somehow remember I can fly and then I wake up.

This dream reminds me of a dream I had a year ago. I was in downtown Portland waiting for the MAX to go to class, and some people start running towards me and I stop one to ask what was going on. They says that a man is shooting random people and was coming this way. I figured I would round the area and go back the way he was going and I wouldn’t be in the direction he was going. I was wrong. He rounded my way, and he wasn’t alone. I heard gun shots and then I saw people running away, so I ran inside a near by bank and hid behind an escalator. They came inside the bank and started shooting people. One of the guys (they were all wearing masks and some had something over they face and baseball caps) sees me and aims at me and shoots me several times. I wake up.

The strange thing about this dream is I remember a video of a girl who was shot in the face at close range and survives. These two teenage boys, who did the shooting were recording their kills. However, they sent a video out saying that she was the one that got away, but they were going to take care of that problem. This leads into my downtown Portland dream. I feel like this was a real thing that happened, because I remember the video so vividly. So, I’m not sure if I read or saw something about this online and then had the dream or if it in fact was all a dream. That seems to happen every once in a while. I tried to look online for something like that, but I didn’t find anything. Or maybe I didn’t put in the right search, who knows.