Here goes nothing...

I honestly never thought I would be doing one of these "blog" things. Something lit up in me as I was sitting on the toilet (yes, I am guilty of poop n surfing) listening to music and on facebook making a status. Now I wish I could say I was taking a nice mighty poo, but I wasn't I don't even think I pissed either, I just sat there as words spilled outta me. I don't even update my status much either, so wtf. I guess that's how my first post came to be..
Eyes closed. Open. I am the Walrus, and I see alligators everywhere. Sap.  

Eyes closed. Open. I am the Walrus, and I see alligators everywhere. Sap.  

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"Love me better, kiss me back, listen more"
The beat takes me somewhere else, and his voice carries me through that place. I wish I could stay. 

Love this mix.


Aka Elsie.


Physically I feel how I’ve always mentally felt.

Change change change… it’s what’s left at the bottom of ones purse… what people so easily disgard on the ground. Do you have any change? Most people don’t, and those who do just collect it and never use it. Change seems easily enough… if you want it. I want it… but I guess not bad enough. There’s a point where it doesn’t matter how bad you want it… you’re just not gonna get it…or not the way you’d like… so you deal the best way you know how.


I Love You Not by Matthew Williams (2010)

Materials: Real rose, real rose petal, resin

With ‘I Love You Not’ Matthew Williams has preserved a real rose stem and petal inside four blocks of clear resin, creating a chic, standalone rose stem sculpture. Each resin block is able to be moved and positioned accordingly